Sunday, August 5, 2012

Where are they now?

[ Realtime: 4 - Aug - 2012 ]
The party is gifted unique and powerful items for no real reason other than a last dying wish of a grand traveller (Ramshack, The Travellor).

As they receive their gifts there are some items which require mini quests in order to acquire.  In hindsite the party seems to have wished their benefactor not gave into such grandiose offerings of the greatest items of all creation... but it has been said... ut emptori cave  (may the buyer beware).

They are teleported via the Numerian Trade Discs (as it was explained to them) to Starfall in Numeria where they are greeted by a flying metal spirit (LiasonBot) to which they find they become citizens (by hacked Numerian residence credit discs) and not only did Ramshack leave a residence behind... but a hefty lien by the Numerian Government... in the sum of around 1,500,212 gold.

Having greets out of the way the party makes their way to Ramshack's Summer Hostel ... albeit two party members ...
  • Whom were scanned prior to landing in the area of Grace's Portal and transferred directly into quarantine at General Conservatorium (GenCon) Hospices in monitored suspended animation.
  • Zoric and Szor'afein are being monitored in Dreamsleep <spell: psionic: allows "caster" to enter dreams of recipient to monitor things.  At higher levels may alter dreamer's perceptions as a Shades does in the physical world> as they embark on their mini quests.  
  • A restless Szor-afein gets through his shadow-world encounter coming out being steered by a bored deity's whims to show off his pupil's new toys and its usability in the "Ninja Ghost Monk" path which he is now upon... and ends up Shadowporting into the new residence setting off the house alarms.  
  • Zoric meets up with Orcus Heretics whom see Orcus as a fallen deity.  They said they have secreted the Wand away in a place that no harm would befoul it's magnificence.  They said that they will destroy into utter nothingness any being whom shall lay claim to it.  Zoric then slain them all for keeping The Goat Lord away from his holiest of symbols to his flock.  There lay in wait a black sheep amongst them bearing a Shield of Blasphemy...  a proud creation by an antipaladin (Dhaarkstoner of Melnibone') in the goat lord's servitude.  In order for Zoric to retain the Dwomishian Ego Shield a round in the Arena of Death would be required.  When Zoric left the arena not only did he have the shield but the knowledge that Dhaarkstoner would be awaiting a rematch for the Lord of Undeath has met his brethren and namesake...  his Orcusian brethren.
All party members reunite at Ramshack's and find Szor'afein emerging from within without using a door and slightly after the alarm was set off.  Greeted by current full-time resident Fendrick Ma'Aturan and bequeathed by Ramshack in the soon-to-be-read-and-hence-dispersed will...  when the new Tiberian The Travellor rejoins the living after his ordeal with the true travellor, a female parasitic alien warforged from the future whom needed a place to safely reemerge back upon the world...  

Then that's when the players were freaked out when I introduced the visage of our internet player Berek as the new image of his newly revamped Cavalier... soon to be world travellor. 

But that'll be an upcoming blog for later... the trials and trivulations of Tiberian the Travellor.

Last tidbit:
Tiberian is embedded with memories of crash landing on Golarion thousands of years ago... and now to find the others!