Saturday, May 18, 2013

Along the way... Saltydawg and Greenhuntar ... Dragonblight of WoW...

50-52 Burning Steppes
50-55 Un'Goro Crater
52-54 Swamp of Sorrows
54-58 Blasted Lands
55-60 Deadwind Pass (also 68-70)
55-60 Moonglade
55-60 Silithus
58-63 Hellfire Peninsula
60-64 Zangarmarsh
62-65 Terokkar Forest
64-67 Nagrand
65-68 Blade's Edge Mountains
67-70 Netherstorm
67-70 Shadowmoon Valley
68-70 Isle of Quel'Danas
68-70 Deadwind Pass (also 55-60)
68-72 Howling Fjord
68-72 Borean Tundra
71-75 Dragonblight
73-75 Grizzly Hills
74-76 Zul'Drak
76-78 Sholazar Basin
77-80 Crystalsong Forest
77-80 Hrothgar's Landing
77-80 Icecrown
77-80 Storm Peaks
80-82 Mount Hyjal
80-82 Vashj'ir
82-83 Deepholm
83-84 Uldum
84-85 Twilight Highlands

My buddy and I have ventured along these paths using the Recruit A Friend program within World of Warcraft (by Blizzard). I have looked up this information on Wowwiki: Zones by Level and have found all the information quite informative. I hope this is a good guide that you may print out and have next to your monitor so you too can crank up the characters thru 80... beyond that it's not too hard to reach 85 so you can get to Mists of Pandaria.

Your buddy, Tahzen, Marçaise, and Harry4. ;]

Friday, May 17, 2013

Marçaise's guide to levelling in WoW (Levels 50-85)...

I have found that playing World of Warcraft (TM of Blizzard) with Recruit A Friend and a monk is a whole lot of fun!

To speed up the process I have combed the internet (and my hair) several times over in hopes of streamlining the pathway to level 90.

Here's what I've found thus far...

My attempts of going through WowHead and WowWiki have been fruitful but fat with a lot of quests. So this way I am hoping to string together the fastest levelling quests ...

This is a huge help ... []

And hope you can find your way around. If you see a coupla dwarves goofin off and levellin that's prolly us! ;)