Thursday, March 13, 2014

Advanced Down and Dirty ... a homebrew version of Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder ...

I'm doing well with a local gaming group I met through the Meetup site...  Colesville Indy RPG Group.  We play quick versions of some not-so-often played games with quick rapid succession...  to only have fun!

I'm taking the same idea so there will be a more "Hack-n-Slash" feel...  that's what I'm hoping for.

I've made a simple device so players and GM's can use it to move their game into action...  enter the HITBOX.

Hit Box is simply a grid with a quick reference for that character, or for the GM a few characters if you set it up right.

HitBox  1  2  3  4  REZ   DEAD
Title , 1 - 4 = columns 1-4, Rez is how much more you got to be resurrected by a healer, Dead is simply the point at which you are dead to any and all (not even the Gods may raise you nor your soul).

HD = Hit Dice (ADnD 1E), this is not your level (CL), it is how many hits an average human can take.  There are 8 hit points per HD.  1-8hp = 1hd, 9hp-16hp = 2hd, and so on.  This is the simplest way to keep track of damage, by the 3rd column you really should be near death, and 4th column you should be asking why you aren't dead already.  Broken down by quarter increments and the base number is written here.

HP = Hit Points (ADnD 1E), the exact amount of damage you can withstand before unconsciousness and death.  Broken down by quarter increments and the base number is written here...  for example: someone with 100 hp, 1-25 = column 1, 26-50 = column 2, 51-75 = column 3, 76-100 = column 4, 101-110 = Rez, so that means when you suffer 111hp damage you are too far gone for anyone to bring you back.

BAB = Base Attack Bonus (Pathfinder), the accumulation of combat training enables you to output more damage than the average human.  At higher levels of training you can attack more opponents, some upto five opponents at once.  List your BAB here with the totals you have from equipment, weapons, training, magic, and other factors.  Column 1 is your best attack with your main hand, col.2 is best with offhand, col.3 is 2nd MH attack, col.4 is 2nd OH attack, the REZ Column is for a 5th "Lucky Hit" (resultant modifier may be upto a maximum of -5)... and in the DEAD Column if you are enchanted with the Haste spell and that attack (modifier) goes here.

AC = Armor Class (Pathfinder), is a number 10 plus any bonuses from armor, shields, magic, dexterity, etc.