Sunday, November 23, 2014

Playin around twiddlin my brains...

Having come up with the idea of running the TSR AD&D module H4 "Throne of Bloodstone" with the Pathfinder rules seemed simple at the time but now I'm dragging in a whole new concept which I find makes the GM side a bit easier to figure out stuff...  Hitbox.

What Hitbox is a matrix which the player and GM can configure for their own use and quick reference.  The most important factor is speed and clarity of data.  Speed for the quickness of the information being referenced and clarity because we're keeping only simplest of information.

As this is a hack-n-slash campaign with some figuring out where stuff is it I only want to see maximum numbers.  If you have to think more than 3-5 seconds then its not fast enough.  In-between games is the only time you should be figuring stuff out.  Experience gained will be calculated at the end of each game day we play.  A blog about what XP was gained and when may be posted to keep this moving along for the others not in attendance.  

If you miss three sessions without notice then you will be taken out of the game entirely.  This is paramount as not to slow down the others.  If you can only play once a month then this is understood but you are to play when you are scheduled;  miss once and you're done.

Games will be held via Skype and on a bi-weekly basis with a break every two sessions.  Session 1, break a week, session 2, break for 2 weeks, session 3, break a week, session 4, break 2 weeks.   Each odd session one week break, each even session break two weeks after.  

Here's what Hitbox looks like...


"Throne of Bloodstone" with Pathfinder Rules

Throne of Bloodstone with Pathfinder Rules

This is my grandiose attempt to run an epic level campaign.

Originally written for first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons the H series of modules were meant to take a bunch of adventurers from 1st level up and through very high levels, even those which were beyond the first edition rules.  In another system, Dungeons and Dragons (which had basic, advanced, expert, master, and immortal rule sets) there was a system set to go up through 100th level.  It is here where the last part of the H series loses many players.

Wiki has defined -->  [ Epic Levels ] <-- which includes 1st, 3rd, and 4th edition examples and explanations.

Orcus is considered to be a 33rd level being and should be able to be dealt with as-is.  In the Pathfinder rules (3.75e) a party with average party level 30 (APL:30) Orcus would indeed be an Epic difficulty challenge (APL +3 = epic).

According to the Swords and Sorcery: The Tome of Horrors Complete book Orcus is a CR 35.  Orcus is a 33rd level being with demonic and deity traits ( in my rules each trait gives an effective CR+1, thus CR35, which makes sense).  [ chaotic, demon, evil, huge, outsider ]

What my intentions are is to have a party of CL-20 get a chance to stop

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pathfinder RPG Database by Harry Lotis JR

I've been trying to come up with a fast character generator so players can just make a few choices and then their character is up and away.

Very basic and quick but able to save everything in the database and output it to a format like Adobe's PDF or Microsoft's XPS formats (which codes are readily available).

User inputs their name into a text field to be saved as the filename for later reference.  Then he is given his first drop-down menu choice:  Race.

After making this selection the application then grabs data from the database and will modify the next dropdown choice: Core.  These are the core groups which everyone seems to miss in conventional role playing games but those whom have played MMORPG's online know these concepts already:  melee, ranged, arcane, divine, and skilled.  Depending on what is chosen his stats start with the Elite Array and are then modified by Race. This is done automatically for the user and are saved for the final output.

Then the next dropdown choice is what Classes are available by the previous Core choice.  There will be a limited listing due to the Core choice made.

Last dropdown choice will be Class Level (CL).  In the Free Version CL is limited to 1st thru 10th level.

No experience is listed because GM's use one of three varieties of Progression:  Slow, Medium, Fast.  This option may be picked up on the Advanced Version.

The Free Version (FV) will only save to the database but may be output in PDF or XPS formats.  Printing will also be available.

The Advanced Versions (price yet determined for "Unlocked Player Version (UPV)" or "GM Mode (GMM)" features).  There will be more data available in the UPV and GMM but the only difference is that the GMM is able to add/modify existing data.

Currently I am planning to encrypt all data so they may not be reverse engineered.

Everything which I am using is out there on the Official D20 Pathfinder SRD Site and I choose to use it in a different fashion to welcome new players into the fray of the hack-n-slash storytelling game which I like to run.

I have minor experience in programming VB & C+ so bare with me...  what comes next is how I want to explain things and feel free to comment (send to Marcaise at Gmail ) in what I call... English Coding.


open program

display banner/graphic saying the name of the program

look for existing FV, UPV, or GMM keys  (FV is always included)

  • Display main menu for FV:
  • - choice : generate a pc  (g)
  • - choice : exit program (x)

  • Main Menu for UPV:
  • - choice : generate a pc  (g)
  • - choice : exit program (x)

  • Main Menu for GMM:
  • - choice : generate a pc  (g)
  • - choice : edit a pc (e)
  • - choice : edit database (d)
  • - choice : exit program (x)

Generate A PC

1. Input Name :
- user inputs name, 6 to 24 characters, no spaces, no special characters
- this will become the filename for this PC

2. Select Race
- dropdown appears and user must make decision
a. choose race:
  i. FV : dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling, half-elf, half-orc, human
  ii. UPV : as (i) plus : goblin, dhampir, catfolk, drow, oread, tengu, kitsune, samsaran, svirfneblin, duergar
  iii. GMM : as (ii) with the option of making their own via editing the data prior to running generation
b. chosen race data will carry modification data for stats for use with Core

3. Select Core
- dropdown appears and user must make decision, or choose "Go Back";  if go back is chosen he is asked "Are you sure?  (You only get one Go Back)".
  • A. melee
  • - fv: fighter, barbarian, monk
  • -  upv/gmm: fighter, barbarian, monk, samurai, ninja
  • B. ranged
  • - fv: ranger
  • - upv/gmm: ranger, gunslinger
  • C. arcane
  • - fv: wizard, sorceror
  • - upv/gmm: wizard, sorceror, magus, summoner, witch
  • D. divine
  • - fv: cleric, druid, paladin
  • - upv/gmm: cleric, druid, paladin, inquisitioner
  • E. skilled
  • - fv: rogue, bard
  • - upv/gmm: rogue, bard, alchemist
4. Class Level
- fv: single dropdown appears with a single scroller with 1st through 10th on it
- fv: single class, 1st thru 10th
- upv/gmm: dual dropdowns appear with 1st through 10th on them
- upv/gmm: upto 20 CL's, may choose from two cores but these may only be CL 1-10 each

Note: before going on to the next session there will be the dropdown appearing and asking the user to make a decision, or choose "Go Back";  if go back is chosen he is asked "Are you sure?  (You only get one Go Back)".

- fv: preview by screen
- fv: print (no saving)
- fv: save to PDF or XPS
- upv/gmm: preview by screen
- upv/gmm: send to printer
- upv/gmm: save to PDF or XPS
- upv/gmm: save to database
- gmm (only): edit, but must keep filename


That's pretty much it.  The code will be input from Microsoft's Excel spreadsheets and Access databases in conjunction with this application created in Microsoft's Visual Studio for use with Windows XP and 7.  Created for XP/7 it should run in Windows 8/8_1.

I've always told people that I can make it look like a beauty of a program but it has no brains.  There may be menus but they do not function.  I hope to make this program up in parts and have someone help me put it together.  I have the pieces to the puzzle but I cannot quite see where the pieces fit together.

I'm in the Maryland area around College Park so let me know and I'd like to get 1-on-1 with someone to crunch this up.  I'm a typer, know some VB6 / C+ / VisualStudio (-ish), have taken some college level entry programming, and want to get this database application up and working.  Those helping me will get lifetime access for your efforts.

Let me know and let's rock some coding!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Advanced Down and Dirty ... a homebrew version of Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder ...

I'm doing well with a local gaming group I met through the Meetup site...  Colesville Indy RPG Group.  We play quick versions of some not-so-often played games with quick rapid succession...  to only have fun!

I'm taking the same idea so there will be a more "Hack-n-Slash" feel...  that's what I'm hoping for.

I've made a simple device so players and GM's can use it to move their game into action...  enter the HITBOX.

Hit Box is simply a grid with a quick reference for that character, or for the GM a few characters if you set it up right.

HitBox  1  2  3  4  REZ   DEAD
Title , 1 - 4 = columns 1-4, Rez is how much more you got to be resurrected by a healer, Dead is simply the point at which you are dead to any and all (not even the Gods may raise you nor your soul).

HD = Hit Dice (ADnD 1E), this is not your level (CL), it is how many hits an average human can take.  There are 8 hit points per HD.  1-8hp = 1hd, 9hp-16hp = 2hd, and so on.  This is the simplest way to keep track of damage, by the 3rd column you really should be near death, and 4th column you should be asking why you aren't dead already.  Broken down by quarter increments and the base number is written here.

HP = Hit Points (ADnD 1E), the exact amount of damage you can withstand before unconsciousness and death.  Broken down by quarter increments and the base number is written here...  for example: someone with 100 hp, 1-25 = column 1, 26-50 = column 2, 51-75 = column 3, 76-100 = column 4, 101-110 = Rez, so that means when you suffer 111hp damage you are too far gone for anyone to bring you back.

BAB = Base Attack Bonus (Pathfinder), the accumulation of combat training enables you to output more damage than the average human.  At higher levels of training you can attack more opponents, some upto five opponents at once.  List your BAB here with the totals you have from equipment, weapons, training, magic, and other factors.  Column 1 is your best attack with your main hand, col.2 is best with offhand, col.3 is 2nd MH attack, col.4 is 2nd OH attack, the REZ Column is for a 5th "Lucky Hit" (resultant modifier may be upto a maximum of -5)... and in the DEAD Column if you are enchanted with the Haste spell and that attack (modifier) goes here.

AC = Armor Class (Pathfinder), is a number 10 plus any bonuses from armor, shields, magic, dexterity, etc.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's been awhile... Harry4's personal gaming update...

[ 03 - Aug - 13 ]
It's been awhile since I've blabbered anything about what I've been upto so I wanna share a lil.

World of Warcraft...
Left server and friends behind to join a new server where there are IRL friends and server time closer to home.

Not currently playing on Dragonblight but I do have a toon or two there...  my level 80 monk is still there from the time Greenhuntar and I "Recruit A Friend"(ed).  

Moved my 90's over to Trollbane and renamed 3 of them...
Rogue - Tahzen
Deathknight - Marçaise
Priest - Docfeelgoode
Paladin - SaintTahzen

Taz, Marc, and StTaz are in a guild Awakened Legends with my IRL friends from City of Heroes, and Doc is my alt  bank and is alone in the guild which I took the name from one on Dragonblight... Oh Sheet.

Pen-n-Paper Roleplaying...
Looking on Meetup there is a new group in Colesville/MD which I am checking out since the host has some RPG's which I haven't heard of and would like to check out.

I'm still looking for a group to check out my campaign Throne of Bloodstone in Golarion.  Check out my blog for it [ click here ]

Life in General...
I'm still working for WMATA [ website ] in our warehouse in Landover/MD.  Job security is keeping me there happily employeed.  It's the same atmosphere but there are some renovations which are going on for the next year.  Even my office and my workspace is getting a facelift...  we're fattening up and getting bigger cubicle space while my boss' office is going to expand by double.  It's a good time at midway through my career and I'm only looking forward to the reno to get done.

- Harry4

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Along the way... Saltydawg and Greenhuntar ... Dragonblight of WoW...

50-52 Burning Steppes
50-55 Un'Goro Crater
52-54 Swamp of Sorrows
54-58 Blasted Lands
55-60 Deadwind Pass (also 68-70)
55-60 Moonglade
55-60 Silithus
58-63 Hellfire Peninsula
60-64 Zangarmarsh
62-65 Terokkar Forest
64-67 Nagrand
65-68 Blade's Edge Mountains
67-70 Netherstorm
67-70 Shadowmoon Valley
68-70 Isle of Quel'Danas
68-70 Deadwind Pass (also 55-60)
68-72 Howling Fjord
68-72 Borean Tundra
71-75 Dragonblight
73-75 Grizzly Hills
74-76 Zul'Drak
76-78 Sholazar Basin
77-80 Crystalsong Forest
77-80 Hrothgar's Landing
77-80 Icecrown
77-80 Storm Peaks
80-82 Mount Hyjal
80-82 Vashj'ir
82-83 Deepholm
83-84 Uldum
84-85 Twilight Highlands

My buddy and I have ventured along these paths using the Recruit A Friend program within World of Warcraft (by Blizzard). I have looked up this information on Wowwiki: Zones by Level and have found all the information quite informative. I hope this is a good guide that you may print out and have next to your monitor so you too can crank up the characters thru 80... beyond that it's not too hard to reach 85 so you can get to Mists of Pandaria.

Your buddy, Tahzen, Marçaise, and Harry4. ;]

Friday, May 17, 2013

Marçaise's guide to levelling in WoW (Levels 50-85)...

I have found that playing World of Warcraft (TM of Blizzard) with Recruit A Friend and a monk is a whole lot of fun!

To speed up the process I have combed the internet (and my hair) several times over in hopes of streamlining the pathway to level 90.

Here's what I've found thus far...

My attempts of going through WowHead and WowWiki have been fruitful but fat with a lot of quests. So this way I am hoping to string together the fastest levelling quests ...

This is a huge help ... []

And hope you can find your way around. If you see a coupla dwarves goofin off and levellin that's prolly us! ;)