Sunday, November 23, 2014

"Throne of Bloodstone" with Pathfinder Rules

Throne of Bloodstone with Pathfinder Rules

This is my grandiose attempt to run an epic level campaign.

Originally written for first edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons the H series of modules were meant to take a bunch of adventurers from 1st level up and through very high levels, even those which were beyond the first edition rules.  In another system, Dungeons and Dragons (which had basic, advanced, expert, master, and immortal rule sets) there was a system set to go up through 100th level.  It is here where the last part of the H series loses many players.

Wiki has defined -->  [ Epic Levels ] <-- which includes 1st, 3rd, and 4th edition examples and explanations.

Orcus is considered to be a 33rd level being and should be able to be dealt with as-is.  In the Pathfinder rules (3.75e) a party with average party level 30 (APL:30) Orcus would indeed be an Epic difficulty challenge (APL +3 = epic).

According to the Swords and Sorcery: The Tome of Horrors Complete book Orcus is a CR 35.  Orcus is a 33rd level being with demonic and deity traits ( in my rules each trait gives an effective CR+1, thus CR35, which makes sense).  [ chaotic, demon, evil, huge, outsider ]

What my intentions are is to have a party of CL-20 get a chance to stop