Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fresh breath of undeath...

This article is under construction!!!

My new game is to take the 1st edition adventure module H4 : Throne of Bloodstone  and update it using the Pathfinder rules system.

I've gotten through a few skims through the entire book trying to glance at what I can use as-is and what I can change...  which is just about every encounter to update it to the Pathfinder system.

Upon reading H4 and scouring Google there was mention of a new adventure...  Stones of Blood.  I'll be making the finale' of the series with my homebrew H5: Stones of Blood  where if the party doesn't find and destroy Zhenygi's Phylactery he comes back onto the Material Plane and hunts down the party whom assaulted his citadel and defiled his master's kingdom.

Orcus too is not totally destroyed.  In H5 a possibility is that 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 days later a terrible rumbling occurs as Orcus breaks through the Abyssal Gate which the party took to get to his layer in the beginning of H4.  And his fat ass breaks it on the way in.

In part of Orcus' presence, the Worldwound reopens and festers more demons as they travel to join with the pariah demon prince.  In their wake are millions of humanoids.  One keen observer will note the comeback of others whom wish only death and undeath until all humanoids.  This'll be kept quiet until they are encountered.  Let's just say that their hatred has been permancied and stoked to the extreme so much they will turn on each other.

Hack and slash is not the entirety of the game but a lot of weapons will be bloodied if not permanently.  There are some puzzles which will make the party think before they go in all fool-hardy (ala The Real Leroy Jenkins <youtube>).

I've even worked out a new and quick combat system which will make combat easier.  I'm calling it the HitBox combat system.  You create your PC and get the hit points (health, HP) together and first divide them into two sections:  for example a barbarian L20 with CON 18 (+4hp/lvl)...

bbn are d12 * 20 = 240 max hp
con 18 (+4 mod) 20 * 4 = 80 bonus hp
320 hp max, EL

Two sections of 4 boxes each, one for HD and one for HBX.

(HD) Hit Dice: divice your total HP by 8. Then divide into quarters and put each into box.

(HBX) Hit Box:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New name, same direction...

...  diametrically & diagonally bassedackwards!

Time for a site revamp!  I am getting little feedback from my Meetup site so I'm setting up a few blog spots to host my game ramblings.

Recently found out how to create more blogs under the same user name so I'm taking advantage of this and rolling all the games under my email of my character's namesake...  marcaise.

- = - = - = -

Join me on my new campaign blog site...  [ Throne of Bloodstone ]

and then on my NEW Facebook page...  [ MDGamers of Facebook ]

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I'm in the middle of putting things back together so please give me a tiny piece of slack so I may strangle myself with it later.

MDGamers of Facebook is up and running... join Facebook and our group.  I recommend using your character name that you'll be using in my campaign.

Throne of Bloodstone is an old 1st edition ADnD module (it's module H4, only) which pits the heroes up against the then most baddest-assed demon around...  Orcus.  What I am intending on doing is retelling the module using the Pathfinder RPG system.  The party will encounter a lot of things which are not in the module to make up for the differences in the systems.  1E is a weaker system and PF still has a lot of old bastards whom are looking to make the party's endeavours a lot harder.

That's what I have for now but this blog is for the MDGA group... MD Gamers Association...  a group I started with an old group in Derwood, MD (the Germantown Gaming Contingency).  I like MDGA and I hope to keep it going ... and I hope it keeps going in my memorial (not for at least 50 years after 2012 !)

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Mythos BOUNTY LIST ...

Berek asked me to help him with some npc bounty-hunter types...

  • race, any (custom races allowed)
  • level, 9 (templates allowed prestige classes allowed)
  • alignment, any
  • emerging guns
  • piecemeal armor allowed if you choose to use it for a more rugged and chased character
  • 10 characters in one portfolio named "81-90 bounty list"
  • ability scores are the heroic NPC stats 15,14,13,12,10,8
  • character names can be as simple as "race class" so you dont have to try to name 10 characters you may never use
  • magic weapons and armor allowed max +10 no more than 4 magic items other than weapons and armor, wands/staves count as weapons
  • racial HD allowed for custom races
  • 60pt limit on monstrous custom races
  • other than that have fun making them
And this is what my meandering mind came up with to start...

THE MYTHOS, committee of all alignments to "keep religions as natural as possible", whom are...

  • Hannible Smith, "The Cannibal" [ CE ]
  • Lucifer Smith, "The Devil" [ LE ]
  • Daimon Kaine, "The Enforcer" [ LG ]
  • Stephen Speedman, "The Daredevil" [ CG ]
  • Louis Abil, "The Jury" [ CN, influenced by actions of others not of The Mythos ]
  • Kelham-sham El'Oche Neighral-Domosan, "Emperor's Judge (in/of Shadows)" [ LN ]
  • Lord Dhaarkstone of Khorvhaire, "The Executioner (Sent only on behalf of The Mythos)"

They are seven, and each have a deadly sin tattoo of which they are flaunting (or hiding, or may be unaware of)

They seek only those they must but have been known by other nations' Magistrates and some have been hired as "Courteseans" (those posing as high money lawyers, judges, jurymen, punishers) and some as "Justicar-seans" (hirees by court members to finish off the proceedings, bring those to law/court, or to punish the guilty).


I'll work on this and flesh them out and show off how derranged this crew of ten will be.  ;)

Friday, August 10, 2012

Break time

Been running my game for awhile and it's gotten SO far off track as a GM ...  so it's time to take a long break so that the game can be refined and retooled for the players and myself.

From here on out (Aug.10, 2012) here will be the tales of woe and highs of combat.

Treasures and Experience will be denoted here so we can keep a running tab.

What I'm thinking about when I come back is a revamp similar to this...
  • character level :  8 + 1d4
  • only use one PC
  • alignment is now considered as an attitude versus humanity and life in general
  • all magic gear you have now stripped
  • re-equip yourself with minor through medium quality magic
  • may have a number of magic items equal to half your character level 
  • with these guidelines :
    • CL 12 = upto +6 modified item(s)
    • CL 10 = upto +5 modified item(s)
    • CL 6 = upto +3 modified item(s)
    • CL 3 = upto +1 modified item  (3/2 = 1.5, rounded down)
  • characters begin with 100gp in either coin or gems (upto each character)

The party will start in the capitol city of Almas, Andoran.  You've quested before and have jelled as a party of adventurers taking contracts from the Pathfinder Society and from a veteran (and retired) adventurer or two.
  • There is a bulletin board which "BOLO's", "Bounties", and "Wanted" postings have been placed.  
    • As a GM I'll make a grafik or two for these.  I'm "borrowing" these from another Meetup group and the idea seems nice and simple.
Until then, fair thee well, keep your dice handy, and for godsakes...  keep gaming, man!
-= Marc =-

Sunday, August 5, 2012

What the.. more booty ?


  • Dwomish Ego Shield of Blasphemy
  • with the wielder's proper EGO (INT+CHA+ Character Level) he may use the following:
    • +3 AC to all within 10 foot radius
    • Ego effects are just as the spellname (underlined)
    • EGO 56 : Unlimited Dimension Walk
    • EGO 75 : Unlimited Greater Teleport & Teleport Object as long as wielder has notion of final destination
    • EGO 80 : Planar Curtains always on
      • Eridor’s Planar Curtain  (source: Tome of Mighty Magic, North Pole Productions)
      • Spell Level: 11
      • Duration: Until Dispelled
      • Casting Time: 6 turns
      • Saving Throw: N/A
      • Area of Effect: Special
      • Special Save: N/A
      • Components: M, S, V
      • Range: 1 ”
      • Description: This spell makes an area invisible from any plane other than the one it is on. This makes it dangerous to enter the plane in that area, as the creature doing so might materialize inside a wall, underground, etc. The area of effect is 1 ”x1 ”x1 ” section per level.
    • EGO 105 : (2d) Phase 
      • cannot be hit from front or back
      • becomes AC 20
  • is depicted with a horrific visage of a single antipaladin performing a visceral disembowelment and dismemberment of a mount of fallen angels (an inscription on the back <in Demonic> " 666 slain angels is the last trip on the Helluride Tour.  All Hail The Dark Lord, Ozzy " )

Where are they now?

[ Realtime: 4 - Aug - 2012 ]
The party is gifted unique and powerful items for no real reason other than a last dying wish of a grand traveller (Ramshack, The Travellor).

As they receive their gifts there are some items which require mini quests in order to acquire.  In hindsite the party seems to have wished their benefactor not gave into such grandiose offerings of the greatest items of all creation... but it has been said... ut emptori cave  (may the buyer beware).

They are teleported via the Numerian Trade Discs (as it was explained to them) to Starfall in Numeria where they are greeted by a flying metal spirit (LiasonBot) to which they find they become citizens (by hacked Numerian residence credit discs) and not only did Ramshack leave a residence behind... but a hefty lien by the Numerian Government... in the sum of around 1,500,212 gold.

Having greets out of the way the party makes their way to Ramshack's Summer Hostel ... albeit two party members ...
  • Whom were scanned prior to landing in the area of Grace's Portal and transferred directly into quarantine at General Conservatorium (GenCon) Hospices in monitored suspended animation.
  • Zoric and Szor'afein are being monitored in Dreamsleep <spell: psionic: allows "caster" to enter dreams of recipient to monitor things.  At higher levels may alter dreamer's perceptions as a Shades does in the physical world> as they embark on their mini quests.  
  • A restless Szor-afein gets through his shadow-world encounter coming out being steered by a bored deity's whims to show off his pupil's new toys and its usability in the "Ninja Ghost Monk" path which he is now upon... and ends up Shadowporting into the new residence setting off the house alarms.  
  • Zoric meets up with Orcus Heretics whom see Orcus as a fallen deity.  They said they have secreted the Wand away in a place that no harm would befoul it's magnificence.  They said that they will destroy into utter nothingness any being whom shall lay claim to it.  Zoric then slain them all for keeping The Goat Lord away from his holiest of symbols to his flock.  There lay in wait a black sheep amongst them bearing a Shield of Blasphemy...  a proud creation by an antipaladin (Dhaarkstoner of Melnibone') in the goat lord's servitude.  In order for Zoric to retain the Dwomishian Ego Shield a round in the Arena of Death would be required.  When Zoric left the arena not only did he have the shield but the knowledge that Dhaarkstoner would be awaiting a rematch for the Lord of Undeath has met his brethren and namesake...  his Orcusian brethren.
All party members reunite at Ramshack's and find Szor'afein emerging from within without using a door and slightly after the alarm was set off.  Greeted by current full-time resident Fendrick Ma'Aturan and bequeathed by Ramshack in the soon-to-be-read-and-hence-dispersed will...  when the new Tiberian The Travellor rejoins the living after his ordeal with the true travellor, a female parasitic alien warforged from the future whom needed a place to safely reemerge back upon the world...  

Then that's when the players were freaked out when I introduced the visage of our internet player Berek as the new image of his newly revamped Cavalier... soon to be world travellor. 

But that'll be an upcoming blog for later... the trials and trivulations of Tiberian the Travellor.

Last tidbit:
Tiberian is embedded with memories of crash landing on Golarion thousands of years ago... and now to find the others!

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Story ... the pre-cursing...

The party has met beings which were otherworldly and sent them back from whence they came.  Finally found their first Free City (Alvis in Andoran) where they are finishing their training.  Their level of skill is about to surpass the trainers of the guilds;  meaning they are picking up tricks of their trade(s) on their own.

Activity in Numeria has been seen increasing.  To what ends none have confirmed.

There have been rumors of opposing forces from the northern plains of Avistan making incursions into the southern lands but nothing has been substantial as of yet.  However a rather noticeable drop in livestock has been noted in many territories, even in territories of evil intent (NE, LE, CE).  This is causing a bit of concern because it stretches all throughout Avistan, from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to Nirmathas, to Kyonin, around south to Andoran and Cheliax.  None have been unaffected.

The demons of Worldwound have been seen fortifying their entrances to the Darklands beneath.  Some rumors have suggested that wars from Darklands are expanding up and through these entrances.  "Even those whom reside in Hell are vacating the area because something more sinister is happening" - Pathfinder Drizzt Do'Urden.

Orcs from Belkzen Hold are vanishing.  Where they're going to or who's been the cause of their disappearance is unknown at present.

Goblins and Kobolds have united against all humanoids.  "If it aint green it's red and dead"...  translates to if you're not a goblinoid then you're a fair target.  

Haven't been seen in awhile... what are they upto?

Bounty hunters and inquisitors are getting contracts to investigate several various activities from different Pathfinder Society members.  A high price has been put together for any whom are pursuing activities pertaining to those in the Darklands. 

Rumors have that forces from Belkzen Hold (BH) have snuck into south Avistan via tunnels started in Deepgate.  Expeditionary forces encountered many secreted incursions into BH's own tunnels...  from denizens of Darklands.

  • Orokai (dark orcs akin to duergar dark dwarves) encountered their brethren and a battle insued;  neither side won nor lost as it came to a stalemate. A blood oath was sworn so both could work in unison:  orcs for travel unmolested by "forces of good intent", and the orokai for assistance in territory disputes (which were becoming more in number of late). Darklands is once again stirring because "forces of good intent" are making explorations further and further into their lands in search for answers to their past and for treasures for their future.  Tresspassers have been warned over severe loss of blood due to being overly afraid of the dark and being caught in ongoing territorial fights.
  • Pathfinder Ranger King Drizzt Do'Urden is quoted "You enter, become frightened.  Stay long, and die".

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seven Deadly Runelords...

The party had discovered a runic map was left unto them by the arising succubae Kalinda fleeing from forced demonic slavery against her will and from her guards the erinyes.

Upon the map was an area not too far away from their present location in Alvis, Andoran, which was hinted to be one of the areas of ancient mythology: The Seven Runelords of Golarion, in which they were in Tar Taargdath.

Spending some time to train in Alvis they are joined by The Starfallen (Shiva, dragonborne), Gimly Fahrendopolis (dwomish <dw/gn> gunslinging inquisitor), and Ramshak The Travellor (a human with more professions than any party, L10-EVERYTHING).

There are rumors of arcanists practicing the ancient arts of rune magic so old they predate most of the dragons and elves of legend.  Some local explorers and fortune hunters have claimed they saw runes of the seven sins which align with demons.  Cultist activities have been on the incline and the party has been advised not to take these so-called "Carnival of Sinners" goers as a joke... they have blended in with the merchants of the carnival.  The party may find the travelling carnival around the Darkmoon areas (the Vales and the Plains).  They are are found mostly at night and numbers in the hundreds (of merchants and cultists).

Current Day when party takes off from Ramshak's Portastle (portable castle) is Starday, 4th of Arodus, 4712.

The party has been training & practicing their trade-crafts for two weeks.  They are getting to the point where they will pick up new tricks without any guidance.  There are some things which are capable of being learned but not by the trainers as the party shall surpass their knowledge.


Out Of Game (oog):

Please check out some of this info as I was unaware there was so much great source material...

There's be more reference material before this weeks end game!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project GAME TABLE ...

This is going to be a new project for our game group...  a real gaming table.

I got the idea (which I'm stealing as he's okay about it) from Shane's Blog on how he built his own custom gaming table... click [  THEE Game Table Idea  ]

Here's where he converts an analog table to a digital one ... [  Converting the analog table to digital  ]

Here is a more advanced table.  If you read through this blog you'll see that it's not just your ordinary gaming table... nor ordinary multi-touch table project... [  NUI Group - 42” DI Wooden Table  ]

ReacTIVision...  a tangible way of tracking multiple input sources, from fingers to fiducial markers/tokens.
[  ReacTIVision .. software for multitouch recognition.  ]

I have a few fellow gamers whom have been on their own projects and I hope to gather their collective intellect for my own project.

Here's what I'm considering using:
Westinghouse 32" LED TV (refurb)
Generic 15" monitor
Macintosh Mini
Optoma PK3A1 Pico Projector
Logitech C270 webcam

If the projector/webcam path is no good then the TV & Monitor combo will be it...  but if the P/W is good then either the TV or the 15" monitor may be used for the GM.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Encounters & Expeez ...

Here'll be discussing what the party encountered and what was gotten outta them... so this one'll be a bit long so bare with me.

All which is listed is after the very first encounter as that was little XP but the most magical items found ... also during the GM SPECIAL EVENT.

From Starday, the 21st day of 4712 AR

  • Fleeing succubus
    • Runic Map of Tar Taargadth 
      • runes are of Rune Lords 
      • Symbols are of the Seven Deadly Sins
    • slipped into Ezerial's pocket
    • neutral towards party, friendly towards Ezerial
  • Chasing erinyes (XP, no tres)
    • animosity towards party
    • seething utter hatred of Ezerial (whom the Erinyes consider the party leader)
  • Warforged Warlord
    • part of entrance trap going into Ramshack's Porta-Castle
  • Warforged Hyper Monks
    • part of entrance trap going into Ramshack's Porta-Castle

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Preferred Hero Lab Pathfinder Settings

I've gone into my Pathfinder Hero Lab and have the "SET DEFAULT" to "Configure Your Hero" with the following guidelines/options:  (note: Named Sources/Options sources are underlined, and Instructions are emboldened.)
 NO MSRD nor "Modern d20, d20 Modern"
2.  NO Pathfinder Society rules
3.  Advanced Player's Guide, select:
  • Advanced Player's Guide
  • Guide Familiars
  • Traits
  • Under Sandpoint
4.  Ultimate Combat, ONLY select Ultimate Combat
  • do NOT select armor/dr, called shots, piecemeal armor, nor wounds & vigor
5.  Select all of Ultimate Magic, Bestiary (1, 2, & 3), Player's Companion, Campaign Setting, with this exception...
6.  Miscellaneous Content select ONLY...
  • Core Rulebook Deities & GameMastery Guide
7. Select all of Pathfinder Adventure Paths, SRD Pathfinder Adventure Paths, & Prior SRD Content
8. Advancement Speed select Fast Advancement
9. Firearm Availability select:  Emerging Guns
  • From HEROLAB Settings Summary (HELP): "Firearms become more common.  They are mass-produced by small guilds, lone gunsmiths, dwarven clans, or maybe evena  nation or two - the secret is slipping out, and the occasional rare adventurer uses guns.  The baseline gunslinger rules and the prices for ammuntion givein in this chapter are for this type of campaign.  Early firearms are available, but are relatively rare.  Adventurers who want to use guns must take the Craft Firearms feat just to make them feasible weapons.  Advanced firearms may exist but only as rare and wondrous items - the stuff of high level treasure troves."
10. House Rules, select the following:
  • Allow Powers for Fixed Power Items
  • Keen & Improved Critical Stack
11. Optional Rules, select the following:
  • no coin weight
  • no encumbrance
  • use action points
  • use alternate racial traits
  • use archetypes
  • use factions/backgrounds
12. Classes to Show, select the following:
  • No NPC Classes
  • No Prestige Classes
  • NOTE  Templates ARE IN USE...  they must follow an example in a Paizo source, one of their books or their Pathfinder SRD  [ Visit the site  ]
13. Equipment, Weapons & Armor to Show, select only the following:
  • No Artifacts (after APL is 20 then clear this)
  • No Cursed Items (after APL is 20 then clear this)
14. HP Options:  select Max HPs at New Levels
  • Harry's House Rule:  NEW Levels only pertain to when you first create your character no matter at what APL everyone else is.
15: Races to Show... 
  • Companion Races are *not* restricted ( this is UNCHECKED )
  • select No Extra Races
  • select No Minion races
  • select No NPC Races
16: Output Options, these are what I prefer on my record sheets:
  • always print 2-weapon attacks
  • hide ammo (in weapons)
  • hide validation messages
  • include tracked resources on statblock
  • show hero portrait

New Player House Rules ...

After talking a little with Tony the other day it dawned on me that I do not have a permanent way of just saying new players need this, that, and the other before joining the game.

Hence the following is NEW PLAYER HOUSE RULES ...

1. New players are encouraged to buy HERO LAB and the Pathfinder module.


2. Starting level and money is equivalent to half the party's average trained experience.

3. They may use any official book from Paizo's Pathfinder RPG line.

- Core Rulebook, Advanced Rulebook, Ultimate Combat & Magic.

4. All characters must be approved by the GM prior to play. This way he may have a glimpse of what to kill you with if anything possible. =8^D

5. Must start with two character records: one for player and one for GM. This way a copy will always be with the GM if the player forgets.

- Digital submissions must be sent the day prior to gameday so they may be printed out and readied for players. Submissions during gameday are not guaranteed to be ready.

- Digital submissions will now be required to include the date submitted in the filename.

- Follow the example: Character Name (month day year)
Example: Gimly Fahrendopolis (072612).por

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


■ Party members are contacted by Pathfinder Society to assist them with the increasing goblinoid threat
- Party Members:
Szor'afein Ehilese Elhromane, Drowic Noble (Expelled)
Zoric Blackbone, Dhampir (The Daywalker)
Xorath Strangeskin, Half-Elf Summoner
Tiberius, Elven Cavalier (The High Plains Lawman) and
Ezerial, Half-Elf Summoner (Dabbler of Other Professions).

■ Contract to hunt down some goblins & kobolds

■ PUG some hirelings

■ Survive trip to Almas, Andoran

■ Szor'afein "prays" to his deity (Shax) and for his sacrifical prayer (leaving him near death) his avatar appears (a Kenku) and grants Szor'afein babysitting privileges... a former avatar in penance. Enter the dragonborne Starfaller (aspect of the rainbow dragon & demon).

■ Travel to Alvis, free city, to trade & train

- party encounters NPC party (neutral) with goblins & kobolds (gunslingers with trade metal in backpacks). Party kills them and finds magic haul and Numerian coins

- surprise party encounter: fleeing succubus chased by two erinyes. Succubus escapes with party's help and erinyes are slain (they respawn in one of the hells).

- succubus slips map into Ezerial's pouch

- Runic Map of Tar Taargadth (runes are of seven deadly sins, and location of a runemaster in Droskar's Crag & Droskar's Crucible)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Something to sink your teeth into...

[ 4712 - 21st of Erastus ]

Encounter at Alvis proved fortunate for the party as Starfall (a female dragonborne) joins with Elhromane (the drow nobleman) and Gimly (dwarven gunslinging inquisitioner) takes sides along with Daywalker (Zoric Blackbone).

Elhromane was making idle conversation and showed his loyalty to his deity, Shax, by sanguination (bleeding himself to euphoria near death). An avatar appeared to him (and somehow the Daywalker also saw the Kenku assassain avatar) to let him know that Starfall was to be a co-worker... but to know that she was an avatar but has fallen from grace and is now performing repentance in hopes to prove she is worthy of Shax's true love (his bloodlust).

Ramshak the Travellor hires the party to help him find his last resting place... in a place of utmost terror and gore. There will be peace in pieces and that's what Ramshak is hoping the party will accomplish for he fears that any part of him may be used in True Resurrection to bring him back to that which has left.

Ramshak's Portable Fortress was sprung so that it may have contents of use for the adventurers in which they may be able to help grant his demise. Upon commanding the cube to come forth with many mechanical voices were heard within. Ramshak then knew his "Warforged Trophies" had gotten loose and were on protect mode. But not for long as Starfall let loose her Cacophinic Breath Weapon (sonic) and found the trophy's Achilles' Heel... sonic attacks.

The party found their way to the main floor (below the battleground which now lay above them via the trap door in the ceiling) to where they were greeted by a Ramshak's wife, a female half mist troll half ogre (Miss Mighty Ma'am, or Mmm). Mmm lain out a hero's feast to which the party is welcome to dine as the magic wears are brought table side... like showing you what's on the desert cart, but only magic items of near epic proportion.

"I've collected these for at least 50 long years. Some have more dust and other things on them older than the lot of you combined. I have no use for them and I only hope you'll find use with them after my contract has ended with you."

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A call from the cavalry ?

[ 4712 AR - 7th Erastus ]

The party encounters an NPC group with a Chelish banner and a few goblinoids carrying various backpacks while others are just curious about the new surroundings (when do "ambassadors of good faith" from Cheliax get a chance of selling their wares and loot?). The party then switches gears and attacks this NPC party before they have a chance of putting up any sort of fight (how could they, they just got their asses kicked out of Cheliax for being thieves, cutthroats, undead haters, and just plain nasty). They were soon slaughtered and the loot was abundant... too much so... but, sit emptor cave. (let the buyer beware).

The party makes their way around the Arthfell Forest of Andoran and are encountered by a ranger brigade (boasts are made about 50 rangers, but brigades are known to number in the 100's).

Quick tempers and words are exchanged but as soon as "Did you encounter a party from Cheliax with some goblins" was asked the party knew these guys would be available to put some arrows to goblin butts!

The party is then escorted to Alvis where they are presently staying the night.

From the top ...

[ 4712 AR - 23rd of Sarenith ]
The story begins with everyone being meet by an courier from The Pathfinder Society, a well known organization around the world which has many causes and many more members. The courier delivers a signed-and-sealed scroll with instructions to give it only to specific people whom The Pathfinder Society wishes to meet and discuss urgent matters. Failure to do so will possibly include bad things for your future, your family's future, your town's future, your country's future... this meeting, you might just want to attend.

Besides, there is compensation for your travel and time to the meeting place. Destination: The Isle of Absalom, the Heart of Golarion. Everyone met up in Absalom and were given a once-over by the contractor, Tsuto Kaijitsu (half-elven Pathfinder Guildsman). A contract was writ and given to the party to [1] do a head-count, and if at all possible [2] get rid of the goblin infestation.

The party meets with another Pathfinder (a pirate Pathfinder) to take his ship to Almas, the capital city of Andoran. So the party headed out on the ship to which they were asked to be junior shipmates in order to reduce their fare and to assist in the everyday workings on in the ship... and how to defend it. The party prowled the ship and got into things only an adventuring party should. The two summoners were challenging each other up top. The ranger (Jared) went up to because it was day and his duty. The ranger spots something coming up from underneath…. It’s a Naval Submersible! And it just fired upon The Ghost Shark (the party's ship). The Ghost Shark started taking on water after the underwater “bullets” broke through from one side through to the other, a “running through and throughout”. Just seconds later (next melee and a sneak attack like an underwater rogue) a giant octopus’ tentacles begun wrenching the ship and taking everyone it could “suckle” underwater to meet Davy Jones and his locker in a watery death. The other party members were taken to an underwater grave. And there were no equipment to be recovered. As quickly as the Bloody Plank came is as fast as they left as they most likely thought everyone else was food for the octopus. There were some lumber from the wreckage which everyone found able to float upon. A few hours later the Andoran Eagle Knight Naval Scout “Scuttlebutt” came to investigate the incident… albeit a bit late. Scuttlebutt rescued the remaining party, Captain Arkin Raptor (sadly without his son) nor the chef nor her minotaur husband, but the Warforged Master Mechanic (without his wooden peg leg) did make it. The Scuttlebutt takes the survivors to Cyremium, Andoran, where all are taken care of and given a shelter until you can continue on your contracted work from the Pathfinder Society… they got a message from them about your conducting business in the area… but they didn’t expect you in the fair town of Cyremium.

The remaining members of the party are under contract by Pathfinder Society for two purposes: “Scouting of possible Goblin & Kobold enclave” and “Said removal of possible Goblin & Kobold enclave, or their leader(s)”... 1,000-GP reward for each goal of the contract. The contract is honored in Absalom, but you may try and collect from any other agent of the Pathfinder Society.

There was some of the octopus which the party were able to sever from the body and such a deep water specimen is rare… and when the surrounding foodies heard about the demise of The Cook and her Chef Husband they purchased all of the octopus from you… which is how all the remaining party members now have 3,000-gp apiece.