Friday, September 28, 2012

The Mythos BOUNTY LIST ...

Berek asked me to help him with some npc bounty-hunter types...

  • race, any (custom races allowed)
  • level, 9 (templates allowed prestige classes allowed)
  • alignment, any
  • emerging guns
  • piecemeal armor allowed if you choose to use it for a more rugged and chased character
  • 10 characters in one portfolio named "81-90 bounty list"
  • ability scores are the heroic NPC stats 15,14,13,12,10,8
  • character names can be as simple as "race class" so you dont have to try to name 10 characters you may never use
  • magic weapons and armor allowed max +10 no more than 4 magic items other than weapons and armor, wands/staves count as weapons
  • racial HD allowed for custom races
  • 60pt limit on monstrous custom races
  • other than that have fun making them
And this is what my meandering mind came up with to start...

THE MYTHOS, committee of all alignments to "keep religions as natural as possible", whom are...

  • Hannible Smith, "The Cannibal" [ CE ]
  • Lucifer Smith, "The Devil" [ LE ]
  • Daimon Kaine, "The Enforcer" [ LG ]
  • Stephen Speedman, "The Daredevil" [ CG ]
  • Louis Abil, "The Jury" [ CN, influenced by actions of others not of The Mythos ]
  • Kelham-sham El'Oche Neighral-Domosan, "Emperor's Judge (in/of Shadows)" [ LN ]
  • Lord Dhaarkstone of Khorvhaire, "The Executioner (Sent only on behalf of The Mythos)"

They are seven, and each have a deadly sin tattoo of which they are flaunting (or hiding, or may be unaware of)

They seek only those they must but have been known by other nations' Magistrates and some have been hired as "Courteseans" (those posing as high money lawyers, judges, jurymen, punishers) and some as "Justicar-seans" (hirees by court members to finish off the proceedings, bring those to law/court, or to punish the guilty).


I'll work on this and flesh them out and show off how derranged this crew of ten will be.  ;)