Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's been awhile... Harry4's personal gaming update...

[ 03 - Aug - 13 ]
It's been awhile since I've blabbered anything about what I've been upto so I wanna share a lil.

World of Warcraft...
Left server and friends behind to join a new server where there are IRL friends and server time closer to home.

Not currently playing on Dragonblight but I do have a toon or two there...  my level 80 monk is still there from the time Greenhuntar and I "Recruit A Friend"(ed).  

Moved my 90's over to Trollbane and renamed 3 of them...
Rogue - Tahzen
Deathknight - Marçaise
Priest - Docfeelgoode
Paladin - SaintTahzen

Taz, Marc, and StTaz are in a guild Awakened Legends with my IRL friends from City of Heroes, and Doc is my alt  bank and is alone in the guild which I took the name from one on Dragonblight... Oh Sheet.

Pen-n-Paper Roleplaying...
Looking on Meetup there is a new group in Colesville/MD which I am checking out since the host has some RPG's which I haven't heard of and would like to check out.

I'm still looking for a group to check out my campaign Throne of Bloodstone in Golarion.  Check out my blog for it [ click here ]

Life in General...
I'm still working for WMATA [ website ] in our warehouse in Landover/MD.  Job security is keeping me there happily employeed.  It's the same atmosphere but there are some renovations which are going on for the next year.  Even my office and my workspace is getting a facelift...  we're fattening up and getting bigger cubicle space while my boss' office is going to expand by double.  It's a good time at midway through my career and I'm only looking forward to the reno to get done.

- Harry4