Friday, August 3, 2012

The Story ... the pre-cursing...

The party has met beings which were otherworldly and sent them back from whence they came.  Finally found their first Free City (Alvis in Andoran) where they are finishing their training.  Their level of skill is about to surpass the trainers of the guilds;  meaning they are picking up tricks of their trade(s) on their own.

Activity in Numeria has been seen increasing.  To what ends none have confirmed.

There have been rumors of opposing forces from the northern plains of Avistan making incursions into the southern lands but nothing has been substantial as of yet.  However a rather noticeable drop in livestock has been noted in many territories, even in territories of evil intent (NE, LE, CE).  This is causing a bit of concern because it stretches all throughout Avistan, from the Realm of the Mammoth Lords to Nirmathas, to Kyonin, around south to Andoran and Cheliax.  None have been unaffected.

The demons of Worldwound have been seen fortifying their entrances to the Darklands beneath.  Some rumors have suggested that wars from Darklands are expanding up and through these entrances.  "Even those whom reside in Hell are vacating the area because something more sinister is happening" - Pathfinder Drizzt Do'Urden.

Orcs from Belkzen Hold are vanishing.  Where they're going to or who's been the cause of their disappearance is unknown at present.

Goblins and Kobolds have united against all humanoids.  "If it aint green it's red and dead"...  translates to if you're not a goblinoid then you're a fair target.  

Haven't been seen in awhile... what are they upto?

Bounty hunters and inquisitors are getting contracts to investigate several various activities from different Pathfinder Society members.  A high price has been put together for any whom are pursuing activities pertaining to those in the Darklands. 

Rumors have that forces from Belkzen Hold (BH) have snuck into south Avistan via tunnels started in Deepgate.  Expeditionary forces encountered many secreted incursions into BH's own tunnels...  from denizens of Darklands.

  • Orokai (dark orcs akin to duergar dark dwarves) encountered their brethren and a battle insued;  neither side won nor lost as it came to a stalemate. A blood oath was sworn so both could work in unison:  orcs for travel unmolested by "forces of good intent", and the orokai for assistance in territory disputes (which were becoming more in number of late). Darklands is once again stirring because "forces of good intent" are making explorations further and further into their lands in search for answers to their past and for treasures for their future.  Tresspassers have been warned over severe loss of blood due to being overly afraid of the dark and being caught in ongoing territorial fights.
  • Pathfinder Ranger King Drizzt Do'Urden is quoted "You enter, become frightened.  Stay long, and die".