Thursday, August 2, 2012

Seven Deadly Runelords...

The party had discovered a runic map was left unto them by the arising succubae Kalinda fleeing from forced demonic slavery against her will and from her guards the erinyes.

Upon the map was an area not too far away from their present location in Alvis, Andoran, which was hinted to be one of the areas of ancient mythology: The Seven Runelords of Golarion, in which they were in Tar Taargdath.

Spending some time to train in Alvis they are joined by The Starfallen (Shiva, dragonborne), Gimly Fahrendopolis (dwomish <dw/gn> gunslinging inquisitor), and Ramshak The Travellor (a human with more professions than any party, L10-EVERYTHING).

There are rumors of arcanists practicing the ancient arts of rune magic so old they predate most of the dragons and elves of legend.  Some local explorers and fortune hunters have claimed they saw runes of the seven sins which align with demons.  Cultist activities have been on the incline and the party has been advised not to take these so-called "Carnival of Sinners" goers as a joke... they have blended in with the merchants of the carnival.  The party may find the travelling carnival around the Darkmoon areas (the Vales and the Plains).  They are are found mostly at night and numbers in the hundreds (of merchants and cultists).

Current Day when party takes off from Ramshak's Portastle (portable castle) is Starday, 4th of Arodus, 4712.

The party has been training & practicing their trade-crafts for two weeks.  They are getting to the point where they will pick up new tricks without any guidance.  There are some things which are capable of being learned but not by the trainers as the party shall surpass their knowledge.


Out Of Game (oog):

Please check out some of this info as I was unaware there was so much great source material...

There's be more reference material before this weeks end game!