Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project GAME TABLE ...

This is going to be a new project for our game group...  a real gaming table.

I got the idea (which I'm stealing as he's okay about it) from Shane's Blog on how he built his own custom gaming table... click [  THEE Game Table Idea  ]

Here's where he converts an analog table to a digital one ... [  Converting the analog table to digital  ]

Here is a more advanced table.  If you read through this blog you'll see that it's not just your ordinary gaming table... nor ordinary multi-touch table project... [  NUI Group - 42” DI Wooden Table  ]

ReacTIVision...  a tangible way of tracking multiple input sources, from fingers to fiducial markers/tokens.
[  ReacTIVision .. software for multitouch recognition.  ]

I have a few fellow gamers whom have been on their own projects and I hope to gather their collective intellect for my own project.

Here's what I'm considering using:
Westinghouse 32" LED TV (refurb)
Generic 15" monitor
Macintosh Mini
Optoma PK3A1 Pico Projector
Logitech C270 webcam

If the projector/webcam path is no good then the TV & Monitor combo will be it...  but if the P/W is good then either the TV or the 15" monitor may be used for the GM.