Sunday, August 5, 2012

What the.. more booty ?


  • Dwomish Ego Shield of Blasphemy
  • with the wielder's proper EGO (INT+CHA+ Character Level) he may use the following:
    • +3 AC to all within 10 foot radius
    • Ego effects are just as the spellname (underlined)
    • EGO 56 : Unlimited Dimension Walk
    • EGO 75 : Unlimited Greater Teleport & Teleport Object as long as wielder has notion of final destination
    • EGO 80 : Planar Curtains always on
      • Eridor’s Planar Curtain  (source: Tome of Mighty Magic, North Pole Productions)
      • Spell Level: 11
      • Duration: Until Dispelled
      • Casting Time: 6 turns
      • Saving Throw: N/A
      • Area of Effect: Special
      • Special Save: N/A
      • Components: M, S, V
      • Range: 1 ”
      • Description: This spell makes an area invisible from any plane other than the one it is on. This makes it dangerous to enter the plane in that area, as the creature doing so might materialize inside a wall, underground, etc. The area of effect is 1 ”x1 ”x1 ” section per level.
    • EGO 105 : (2d) Phase 
      • cannot be hit from front or back
      • becomes AC 20
  • is depicted with a horrific visage of a single antipaladin performing a visceral disembowelment and dismemberment of a mount of fallen angels (an inscription on the back <in Demonic> " 666 slain angels is the last trip on the Helluride Tour.  All Hail The Dark Lord, Ozzy " )