Friday, August 10, 2012

Break time

Been running my game for awhile and it's gotten SO far off track as a GM ...  so it's time to take a long break so that the game can be refined and retooled for the players and myself.

From here on out (Aug.10, 2012) here will be the tales of woe and highs of combat.

Treasures and Experience will be denoted here so we can keep a running tab.

What I'm thinking about when I come back is a revamp similar to this...
  • character level :  8 + 1d4
  • only use one PC
  • alignment is now considered as an attitude versus humanity and life in general
  • all magic gear you have now stripped
  • re-equip yourself with minor through medium quality magic
  • may have a number of magic items equal to half your character level 
  • with these guidelines :
    • CL 12 = upto +6 modified item(s)
    • CL 10 = upto +5 modified item(s)
    • CL 6 = upto +3 modified item(s)
    • CL 3 = upto +1 modified item  (3/2 = 1.5, rounded down)
  • characters begin with 100gp in either coin or gems (upto each character)

The party will start in the capitol city of Almas, Andoran.  You've quested before and have jelled as a party of adventurers taking contracts from the Pathfinder Society and from a veteran (and retired) adventurer or two.
  • There is a bulletin board which "BOLO's", "Bounties", and "Wanted" postings have been placed.  
    • As a GM I'll make a grafik or two for these.  I'm "borrowing" these from another Meetup group and the idea seems nice and simple.
Until then, fair thee well, keep your dice handy, and for godsakes...  keep gaming, man!
-= Marc =-