Thursday, July 26, 2012

Preferred Hero Lab Pathfinder Settings

I've gone into my Pathfinder Hero Lab and have the "SET DEFAULT" to "Configure Your Hero" with the following guidelines/options:  (note: Named Sources/Options sources are underlined, and Instructions are emboldened.)
 NO MSRD nor "Modern d20, d20 Modern"
2.  NO Pathfinder Society rules
3.  Advanced Player's Guide, select:
  • Advanced Player's Guide
  • Guide Familiars
  • Traits
  • Under Sandpoint
4.  Ultimate Combat, ONLY select Ultimate Combat
  • do NOT select armor/dr, called shots, piecemeal armor, nor wounds & vigor
5.  Select all of Ultimate Magic, Bestiary (1, 2, & 3), Player's Companion, Campaign Setting, with this exception...
6.  Miscellaneous Content select ONLY...
  • Core Rulebook Deities & GameMastery Guide
7. Select all of Pathfinder Adventure Paths, SRD Pathfinder Adventure Paths, & Prior SRD Content
8. Advancement Speed select Fast Advancement
9. Firearm Availability select:  Emerging Guns
  • From HEROLAB Settings Summary (HELP): "Firearms become more common.  They are mass-produced by small guilds, lone gunsmiths, dwarven clans, or maybe evena  nation or two - the secret is slipping out, and the occasional rare adventurer uses guns.  The baseline gunslinger rules and the prices for ammuntion givein in this chapter are for this type of campaign.  Early firearms are available, but are relatively rare.  Adventurers who want to use guns must take the Craft Firearms feat just to make them feasible weapons.  Advanced firearms may exist but only as rare and wondrous items - the stuff of high level treasure troves."
10. House Rules, select the following:
  • Allow Powers for Fixed Power Items
  • Keen & Improved Critical Stack
11. Optional Rules, select the following:
  • no coin weight
  • no encumbrance
  • use action points
  • use alternate racial traits
  • use archetypes
  • use factions/backgrounds
12. Classes to Show, select the following:
  • No NPC Classes
  • No Prestige Classes
  • NOTE  Templates ARE IN USE...  they must follow an example in a Paizo source, one of their books or their Pathfinder SRD  [ Visit the site  ]
13. Equipment, Weapons & Armor to Show, select only the following:
  • No Artifacts (after APL is 20 then clear this)
  • No Cursed Items (after APL is 20 then clear this)
14. HP Options:  select Max HPs at New Levels
  • Harry's House Rule:  NEW Levels only pertain to when you first create your character no matter at what APL everyone else is.
15: Races to Show... 
  • Companion Races are *not* restricted ( this is UNCHECKED )
  • select No Extra Races
  • select No Minion races
  • select No NPC Races
16: Output Options, these are what I prefer on my record sheets:
  • always print 2-weapon attacks
  • hide ammo (in weapons)
  • hide validation messages
  • include tracked resources on statblock
  • show hero portrait