Thursday, July 19, 2012

From the top ...

[ 4712 AR - 23rd of Sarenith ]
The story begins with everyone being meet by an courier from The Pathfinder Society, a well known organization around the world which has many causes and many more members. The courier delivers a signed-and-sealed scroll with instructions to give it only to specific people whom The Pathfinder Society wishes to meet and discuss urgent matters. Failure to do so will possibly include bad things for your future, your family's future, your town's future, your country's future... this meeting, you might just want to attend.

Besides, there is compensation for your travel and time to the meeting place. Destination: The Isle of Absalom, the Heart of Golarion. Everyone met up in Absalom and were given a once-over by the contractor, Tsuto Kaijitsu (half-elven Pathfinder Guildsman). A contract was writ and given to the party to [1] do a head-count, and if at all possible [2] get rid of the goblin infestation.

The party meets with another Pathfinder (a pirate Pathfinder) to take his ship to Almas, the capital city of Andoran. So the party headed out on the ship to which they were asked to be junior shipmates in order to reduce their fare and to assist in the everyday workings on in the ship... and how to defend it. The party prowled the ship and got into things only an adventuring party should. The two summoners were challenging each other up top. The ranger (Jared) went up to because it was day and his duty. The ranger spots something coming up from underneath…. It’s a Naval Submersible! And it just fired upon The Ghost Shark (the party's ship). The Ghost Shark started taking on water after the underwater “bullets” broke through from one side through to the other, a “running through and throughout”. Just seconds later (next melee and a sneak attack like an underwater rogue) a giant octopus’ tentacles begun wrenching the ship and taking everyone it could “suckle” underwater to meet Davy Jones and his locker in a watery death. The other party members were taken to an underwater grave. And there were no equipment to be recovered. As quickly as the Bloody Plank came is as fast as they left as they most likely thought everyone else was food for the octopus. There were some lumber from the wreckage which everyone found able to float upon. A few hours later the Andoran Eagle Knight Naval Scout “Scuttlebutt” came to investigate the incident… albeit a bit late. Scuttlebutt rescued the remaining party, Captain Arkin Raptor (sadly without his son) nor the chef nor her minotaur husband, but the Warforged Master Mechanic (without his wooden peg leg) did make it. The Scuttlebutt takes the survivors to Cyremium, Andoran, where all are taken care of and given a shelter until you can continue on your contracted work from the Pathfinder Society… they got a message from them about your conducting business in the area… but they didn’t expect you in the fair town of Cyremium.

The remaining members of the party are under contract by Pathfinder Society for two purposes: “Scouting of possible Goblin & Kobold enclave” and “Said removal of possible Goblin & Kobold enclave, or their leader(s)”... 1,000-GP reward for each goal of the contract. The contract is honored in Absalom, but you may try and collect from any other agent of the Pathfinder Society.

There was some of the octopus which the party were able to sever from the body and such a deep water specimen is rare… and when the surrounding foodies heard about the demise of The Cook and her Chef Husband they purchased all of the octopus from you… which is how all the remaining party members now have 3,000-gp apiece.