Wednesday, July 25, 2012


■ Party members are contacted by Pathfinder Society to assist them with the increasing goblinoid threat
- Party Members:
Szor'afein Ehilese Elhromane, Drowic Noble (Expelled)
Zoric Blackbone, Dhampir (The Daywalker)
Xorath Strangeskin, Half-Elf Summoner
Tiberius, Elven Cavalier (The High Plains Lawman) and
Ezerial, Half-Elf Summoner (Dabbler of Other Professions).

■ Contract to hunt down some goblins & kobolds

■ PUG some hirelings

■ Survive trip to Almas, Andoran

■ Szor'afein "prays" to his deity (Shax) and for his sacrifical prayer (leaving him near death) his avatar appears (a Kenku) and grants Szor'afein babysitting privileges... a former avatar in penance. Enter the dragonborne Starfaller (aspect of the rainbow dragon & demon).

■ Travel to Alvis, free city, to trade & train

- party encounters NPC party (neutral) with goblins & kobolds (gunslingers with trade metal in backpacks). Party kills them and finds magic haul and Numerian coins

- surprise party encounter: fleeing succubus chased by two erinyes. Succubus escapes with party's help and erinyes are slain (they respawn in one of the hells).

- succubus slips map into Ezerial's pouch

- Runic Map of Tar Taargadth (runes are of seven deadly sins, and location of a runemaster in Droskar's Crag & Droskar's Crucible)