Monday, July 23, 2012

Something to sink your teeth into...

[ 4712 - 21st of Erastus ]

Encounter at Alvis proved fortunate for the party as Starfall (a female dragonborne) joins with Elhromane (the drow nobleman) and Gimly (dwarven gunslinging inquisitioner) takes sides along with Daywalker (Zoric Blackbone).

Elhromane was making idle conversation and showed his loyalty to his deity, Shax, by sanguination (bleeding himself to euphoria near death). An avatar appeared to him (and somehow the Daywalker also saw the Kenku assassain avatar) to let him know that Starfall was to be a co-worker... but to know that she was an avatar but has fallen from grace and is now performing repentance in hopes to prove she is worthy of Shax's true love (his bloodlust).

Ramshak the Travellor hires the party to help him find his last resting place... in a place of utmost terror and gore. There will be peace in pieces and that's what Ramshak is hoping the party will accomplish for he fears that any part of him may be used in True Resurrection to bring him back to that which has left.

Ramshak's Portable Fortress was sprung so that it may have contents of use for the adventurers in which they may be able to help grant his demise. Upon commanding the cube to come forth with many mechanical voices were heard within. Ramshak then knew his "Warforged Trophies" had gotten loose and were on protect mode. But not for long as Starfall let loose her Cacophinic Breath Weapon (sonic) and found the trophy's Achilles' Heel... sonic attacks.

The party found their way to the main floor (below the battleground which now lay above them via the trap door in the ceiling) to where they were greeted by a Ramshak's wife, a female half mist troll half ogre (Miss Mighty Ma'am, or Mmm). Mmm lain out a hero's feast to which the party is welcome to dine as the magic wears are brought table side... like showing you what's on the desert cart, but only magic items of near epic proportion.

"I've collected these for at least 50 long years. Some have more dust and other things on them older than the lot of you combined. I have no use for them and I only hope you'll find use with them after my contract has ended with you."