Thursday, July 19, 2012

A call from the cavalry ?

[ 4712 AR - 7th Erastus ]

The party encounters an NPC group with a Chelish banner and a few goblinoids carrying various backpacks while others are just curious about the new surroundings (when do "ambassadors of good faith" from Cheliax get a chance of selling their wares and loot?). The party then switches gears and attacks this NPC party before they have a chance of putting up any sort of fight (how could they, they just got their asses kicked out of Cheliax for being thieves, cutthroats, undead haters, and just plain nasty). They were soon slaughtered and the loot was abundant... too much so... but, sit emptor cave. (let the buyer beware).

The party makes their way around the Arthfell Forest of Andoran and are encountered by a ranger brigade (boasts are made about 50 rangers, but brigades are known to number in the 100's).

Quick tempers and words are exchanged but as soon as "Did you encounter a party from Cheliax with some goblins" was asked the party knew these guys would be available to put some arrows to goblin butts!

The party is then escorted to Alvis where they are presently staying the night.