Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fresh breath of undeath...

This article is under construction!!!

My new game is to take the 1st edition adventure module H4 : Throne of Bloodstone  and update it using the Pathfinder rules system.

I've gotten through a few skims through the entire book trying to glance at what I can use as-is and what I can change...  which is just about every encounter to update it to the Pathfinder system.

Upon reading H4 and scouring Google there was mention of a new adventure...  Stones of Blood.  I'll be making the finale' of the series with my homebrew H5: Stones of Blood  where if the party doesn't find and destroy Zhenygi's Phylactery he comes back onto the Material Plane and hunts down the party whom assaulted his citadel and defiled his master's kingdom.

Orcus too is not totally destroyed.  In H5 a possibility is that 6 months, 6 weeks, and 6 days later a terrible rumbling occurs as Orcus breaks through the Abyssal Gate which the party took to get to his layer in the beginning of H4.  And his fat ass breaks it on the way in.

In part of Orcus' presence, the Worldwound reopens and festers more demons as they travel to join with the pariah demon prince.  In their wake are millions of humanoids.  One keen observer will note the comeback of others whom wish only death and undeath until all humanoids.  This'll be kept quiet until they are encountered.  Let's just say that their hatred has been permancied and stoked to the extreme so much they will turn on each other.

Hack and slash is not the entirety of the game but a lot of weapons will be bloodied if not permanently.  There are some puzzles which will make the party think before they go in all fool-hardy (ala The Real Leroy Jenkins <youtube>).

I've even worked out a new and quick combat system which will make combat easier.  I'm calling it the HitBox combat system.  You create your PC and get the hit points (health, HP) together and first divide them into two sections:  for example a barbarian L20 with CON 18 (+4hp/lvl)...

bbn are d12 * 20 = 240 max hp
con 18 (+4 mod) 20 * 4 = 80 bonus hp
320 hp max, EL

Two sections of 4 boxes each, one for HD and one for HBX.

(HD) Hit Dice: divice your total HP by 8. Then divide into quarters and put each into box.

(HBX) Hit Box: