Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New name, same direction...

...  diametrically & diagonally bassedackwards!

Time for a site revamp!  I am getting little feedback from my Meetup site so I'm setting up a few blog spots to host my game ramblings.

Recently found out how to create more blogs under the same user name so I'm taking advantage of this and rolling all the games under my email of my character's namesake...  marcaise.

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Join me on my new campaign blog site...  [ Throne of Bloodstone ]

and then on my NEW Facebook page...  [ MDGamers of Facebook ]

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I'm in the middle of putting things back together so please give me a tiny piece of slack so I may strangle myself with it later.

MDGamers of Facebook is up and running... join Facebook and our group.  I recommend using your character name that you'll be using in my campaign.

Throne of Bloodstone is an old 1st edition ADnD module (it's module H4, only) which pits the heroes up against the then most baddest-assed demon around...  Orcus.  What I am intending on doing is retelling the module using the Pathfinder RPG system.  The party will encounter a lot of things which are not in the module to make up for the differences in the systems.  1E is a weaker system and PF still has a lot of old bastards whom are looking to make the party's endeavours a lot harder.

That's what I have for now but this blog is for the MDGA group... MD Gamers Association...  a group I started with an old group in Derwood, MD (the Germantown Gaming Contingency).  I like MDGA and I hope to keep it going ... and I hope it keeps going in my memorial (not for at least 50 years after 2012 !)